RTM Puerto Rico Trip
June 8-15, 2015

Puerto Rico: General Evangelism/Light Construction/Working with Children

In 2014, RTM sent a team to Puerto Rico where the team worked with children at a Vacation Bible School, did street ministry, construction work, cared for the homeless, prayed for the sick and shared the Gospel.  This year the team will be heading back and we hope you can join them.

We have 25 openings for all ages especially teens – 30’s.  Families are welcomed. This trip is not recommended for children under 12 unless accompanied by a parent. 

Registration is now open.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT & SUBMIT AN APPLICATION.  Once your application is approved you will be contacted by an RTM representative.  Upon approval your $100 non-refundable deposit is required. 

Trip Information

For additional information contact Patty Plante: email  /  708-845-5819

General Requirements

  • Must be a regular attender or partner with FHC or affiliated campus or church. (If from an affiliate church you must have pastoral approval.)
  • Must be a committed Believer in Jesus Christ
  • Must have completed FHC Journey/Growth Track classes
  • Must attend 6 classes to prepare for the trip. (classes held Sundays at 3:45 PM)

Financial Requirements

  • You are required to cover the entire cost of the trip ($950.00). 
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due by March 8, 2015. 
  • Donations can be given through an online account RTM set up for each person attending. 
  • For your convenience, below is a payment schedule to assist you.
    ($550 needs to be paid by April 19 to purchase your airline ticket)
    • March 8 – $100 Deposit
    • March 29 – $250
    • April 19 – $250
    • May 10 – $175
    • May 31 – $175
    • TOTAL: $950
  • Any money over the $950 required amount received in your name, will go towards other expenses for this trip or other mission needs.
  • Fundraising is encouraged but not mandatory. This will give others who can’t attend an opportunity to be a part of your trip and receive a blessing that comes from giving. 
  • You will be required to cover additional expenses such as immunizations, souvenirs and food on your travel days. 

Recommended Immunizations:

  • Hepatitis A and Tetanus

What to Pack

• T-shirts or other casual shirts
• Jeans or light pants
• Shorts – “Bermuda” style, at or just above the knee
• Sweatshirt or lightweight jacket
• Casual dress or skirt – knee length or below (women)
• Men’s dress outfit
• Snack food
• Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
• Personal hygiene products
• Rain poncho (optional)
• Bath and wash towels
• Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, deodorant
• Baby Powder
• Small backpack for day trips
• Insect repellent (DEET)
• Sun block
• Hand sanitizer
• Wet wipes
• Toilet paper
• Flash light
• Shower shoes, flip flops or water shoes
• Bathing suit (one piece swimsuit for women) and cover up
• Sunglasses
• Happy attitude
• Hat
• Water bottle (refillable)
• Non-prescription medication and vitamins
• Bible, notebook, and pen or pencil
• Prescription eyewear
• Any personal medications (just enough to get through your trip)
• Anti-diarrhea medication
• Gatorade or Vitamin packets for water
• Beano pills
• Travel pillow

Please do not bring any valuables, weapons, or pocket knives.

Please bring two suitcases: one for your personal clothes, etc. and the other empty suitcase will be used to pack supplies. Let us know if you do not or cannot borrow an extra suitcase. Weigh your suitcase to make sure it is less than 50 pounds. There is an extra fee for suitcases that are overweight.

Also, remember that any 3oz (or less) liquids (toothpaste, lotion, mouthwash, etc.) in your carry-on bag must be in a quart sized-Ziploc bag.